Thursday, August 19, 2010

...Here I come up with my 2nd Poem ::- "No One Cares!" Feedback please???

No One Cares!

It was 26/11 Wednesday,
when Kasab and crew made their way.
They came, they entered, they broke,
still we say, our spirit, unity, security are not a joke!

Some were dead, some could survive,
and some are physically alive.
But we still possess fear,
when the gunshot sound passes through the ear!

As sun rises and sets day by day,
we tried to keep the horror at bay.
People got back to the chore, connected to life,
by criticizing our politicians, system which is rife!

And then the day came of change,
where I had expected abundant revenge.
I voted, poor, aged, celebs voted for Divine,
because we're the one who can change the India's design!

Chapter doesn't end here,
forget the country, Mumbai got only 44% votes near.
Country's Election booths were abandoned,
educated, rich and successful, core criticizer were deadened!

Simply they embarks, they attacks, they dies,
and we blames, criticizes and divides.
We forget every chaos, calling it our Spirit,
which gives trigger to their gun's bullet!

The Title says,'No One Cares!'
Let's change it and take one step towards bugbears!

My 1st Poem: Rider of the Life- LUCK!

P.S. : Please do comment because it feels nice when someone appreciate the crap you deliver! (Laughs) Thank you! :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Typical Woman (A Short Comic Strip)

With complete respect for all ladies, Just for fun

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Definition of books (Kitaabe) by Aamir Khan


This was the most funniest part in the movie "3 IDIOTS"...
Definition of books (kitaabe) :
Instruments are record , analyze, summarize, organize, debate in explained information that I illustrative in non illustrative hard bound paper bag jacket in non jacketed with forward introduction, table of content, index, that is intended for the enlightenment, understanding, enrichment, enhancement and education of human brain's sensory route of vision...sometimes touch! Am I right Aamir Sir? ( Guys, please correct me if I'm wrong somewhere)

3 idiots, a very well scripted and screened movie I've ever seen. Really, this movie has won my heart. Movie contains everything; awesomeness, emotions, idiotic and comedy moments, oh lovely and very meaningful songs of course. Very touching movie. I just can't stop myself praising about and promoting this movie though It's neither mine nor my cup of tea. Yea, you can call it socialization. I just want everyone to watch this movie once and make it biggest bollywood blockbuster in indian history than ever. Aamir and Rajkumar hirani has just started new ganeration of bollywood movies through this movie. Theirs movies teach a lot to the world and point to some systems which need to be changed. I liked Aamir's character in the movie, very cool,calm and composed character. If you haven't watched the movie yet then Nothing izz Well in your life. I'll rate it 5/5. Try to watch the moive in theatre only instead of buying or downloading pirated copies. Worth watching and implementing in our life.

No one can watch it just once. I bet you.

some beautiful and very meaningful lyrics of one of the best song in the movie...

saari umrr hum mar marke ji liye
ik pal toh abb hamein jine do, jine do

(saari umrr hum mar marke ji liye
ik pal toh abb hamein jine do, jine do) - (2)
na na na na na na......
(give me some sunshine, give me some rain
give me another chance i wanna grow up once again) - (2)